We’re a small team doing brilliant work for remarkably modest prices, all made possible by our networked decentralised ways of working.

Awake offers high quality design, content and technical services. We love what we do and we’re pretty damn good at it.

Our approach is straightforward. We understand and use branding and positioning but we dislike trendy theoretical jargon and overcomplicated strategising, and we won’t waste our clients’ time or money.

We’ve experienced the long-winded and inefficient processes that can creep into the activities of large agencies and that’s why we’ve set up our own small team. We get things done as simply as possible, with a direct connection with our clients.

When you talk to one of us, you talk to someone who does real work. Not a salesman or a go-between.

We keep our overheads low by operating in a decentralised and networked way, and offer big agency quality at small agency prices.

The core Awake team is director and writer Piers Alder, designer Laura Jervis, technical guru Dave Smith and strategist Dave Keen. If we need it, we get additional support from a network of other specialists.

Between us we have wide experience creating successful work for national and international brands as well as numerous smaller local organisations. But we reckon our best work lies ahead.